The End of Northern Rocks. The beginning of…


In 2013 I was feeling frustrated as a teacher. The CPD on offer in my school didn’t come anywhere near to meeting my needs – or, as far as I could see, the needs of many of my colleagues. Continue reading “The End of Northern Rocks. The beginning of…”


I’m a School in Special Measures.


I’m a school in special measures. Stubborn, me. Went ‘special’ almost ten years ago, and we’re still special, see:- Continue reading “I’m a School in Special Measures.”

No frills education: the workload paradox.


Becky Allen’s brilliant speech this week and Amanda Spielman’s clarification that Ofsted were indeed cross checking teacher’s responses to the workload question on their staff questionnaire with SLT’s claims, has brought the question of workload to the fore again.

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On Teaching Apprenticeships


I was raised in Burnley. Apart from my teachers, I didn’t know anyone who had ever been to University. I didn’t even go to Manchester until I was 17 and that was just for a shopping trip. Apart from family holidays and day trips in fact, I’d never stepped outside my small town. Books were my way into another world.

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