Kidult Teachers

Ok, deep breaths – this one is a little controversial. But I’m going to give it an airing.

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Teachers Who Save You.

The ForestI was really good at school until I hit Year 9. Something snapped in Year 9. Continue reading “Teachers Who Save You.”

Some Good News for Group Work?


You may not know it, because our media didn’t report it: nor did our ministers shout it from the rooftops, but we did rather well in the PISA international comparison tests on Collaborative Problem Solving.

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What I Learned in China…


I’ve just returned from my fifth trip to China (14th if you count Hong Kong).

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Shame is not a Weapon.


It’s that time of year. Sad little faces in newspapers holding up flat, back shoes. Angry parents railing against new heads. Edu twitter bursting into cyclone levels of argumentative energy in which sides rail against each other using the spear of shame as a weapon. Stop shaming schools! Cries one side. Stop shaming children! Cries the other.

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Northern Rocks 2017

DCl5Et1WAAAoHhiThe fourth Northern Rocks marked the end of an era. From the first, when Emma Hardy and I, from a single tweet, gathered a group of 500 in a room and pinched ourselves, to this, our last done together, it’s been a blast.

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Is leadership gendered?


I was worried when I was asked to speak at WomenEd last Saturday. I have never really been a leader (middle management in schools is just that – management, usually with no money and little influence – so that didn’t count).

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