The End of Northern Rocks. The beginning of…


In 2013 I was feeling frustrated as a teacher. The CPD on offer in my school didn’t come anywhere near to meeting my needs – or, as far as I could see, the needs of many of my colleagues. Continue reading “The End of Northern Rocks. The beginning of…”


Discovery? Inquiry? It’s all Academic.


Hidden in the RSA’s report, Ideal School Exhibition,  last week was a little sentence that made my heart sink:-

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What I Learned in China…


I’ve just returned from my fifth trip to China (14th if you count Hong Kong).

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Northern Rocks 2017

DCl5Et1WAAAoHhiThe fourth Northern Rocks marked the end of an era. From the first, when Emma Hardy and I, from a single tweet, gathered a group of 500 in a room and pinched ourselves, to this, our last done together, it’s been a blast.

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Growth Mindsets in a Fixed System



I’ve done a couple of training days recently on Growth Mindsets and have been asked if I’d jot down the key things we’ve covered.

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Knowledge Organisers are, Err…Ok


Probably the blandest title I’ve ever written for a blog that – but it kind of fits the mood. There’s been some hoo-hah recently about knowledge organisers. Are they good? Bad? Boring ways of forcing facts down little gosling throats or essential diets for healthy learning? Continue reading “Knowledge Organisers are, Err…Ok”


Thinking Like a Scientist?


“Knowledge is an unending journey on the edge of uncertainty” (Bronowski)

We’ve been looking at scientists this week. Not really learning science, but learning about the people behind the science and how their ideas come to life and are expressed.

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