Class Confusion

What is ‘social mobility’ if not a desire to move children from one class into a higher one?

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Teachers Who Save You.

The ForestI was really good at school until I hit Year 9. Something snapped in Year 9. Continue reading “Teachers Who Save You.”

I’m a School in Special Measures.


I’m a school in special measures. Stubborn, me. Went ‘special’ almost ten years ago, and we’re still special, see:- Continue reading “I’m a School in Special Measures.”




Lord Adonis has caused quite a stir this weekend with his statement that “We must tackle the cancer of school expulsions – 1000s are excluded for a period of time each school day. Continue reading “Exclusions”


And now good news for reading!!

DSCF0239Last week I was able to bring you good news in relation to group work in terms of our performance in PISA tests (for 15 year olds). And now, other international comparison tests (PIRLS – for 9/10 year olds) tell us that we’re doing pretty well in reading too
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Some Good News for Group Work?


You may not know it, because our media didn’t report it: nor did our ministers shout it from the rooftops, but we did rather well in the PISA international comparison tests on Collaborative Problem Solving.

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Discovery? Inquiry? It’s all Academic.


Hidden in the RSA’s report, Ideal School Exhibition, ┬álast week was a little sentence that made my heart sink:-

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