Add your name. Condemn Gove’s plans to rank children in national league tables

As a mother, I feel absolute outrage that my child will be branded in the way the government proposes, and as a teacher, utterly despairing about the way we are treating young people in the education system. Please support the Primary Charter campaign to stop these divisive and completely unhelpful proposals.

A Charter for Primary Education

Please comment below to add your name in support of this letter to the national press.

Initial signatories:

Malory Blackman, Children’s Laureate
Michael Rosen Children’s Author
Alan Gibbons  Children’s Author
Andy Seed Children’s Author
John Coe NAPE National Association Primary Education
Dr Terry Wrigley Leeds Met University
Clare Kelly Lecturer Goldsmiths University

Kenny Frederick, Executive member,  NAHT

Christine Blower Gen Sec NUT
Kevin Courtney Dep Gen Sec NUT
Max Hyde National Vice President NUT

Sara Tomlinson Lambeth NUT
Jess Edwards Coordinator Primary Charter
Dr John Yandell Institute of Education
Alex Kenny Inner London Exec, NUT

We are writing to express our concern over the announcement on Weds of an increase in primary school floor targets, an increase in the amount of testing for primary school pupils and the intention to place all pupils in a league table ranked on ability. Rather than a philosophy of every child matters, this is…

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6 thoughts on “Add your name. Condemn Gove’s plans to rank children in national league tables

  1. I have worked all my teaching career of 30 years + to combat this ranking of students. I am disappointed by this new announcement and fail to see the educational value in it.

  2. This plan will make sure that the poorer and less academic children in society will never do anything so bold as to have ambition, feel good about themselves or feel worthy of anything. Exactly what Michael Gove wants. If he knew children, knew how they work or knew how the world needs more support than judgement, he would not want this. Giving children numbers, akin to prisoners. Disgusting, Ill-informed and worryingly flawed.

  3. An absolutely ridiculous proposal. What is grove playing at? Children are just that, not numbers. Agreed Ann, worryingly flawed.

  4. I am a Parent and Teacher. I see no educational value whatsoever in this proposal, and am horrified that children will be branded in this way.

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